6 Sep 2015

We were so so hungry this year. After last year's dissapointment we worked harder over the last year. We got fitter, sharper, better than ever. Our intense 3 times a week training regime payed off. Again we are champions. Twice in three year, writing our names in the history books. This team will be talked about for years to come. 

We were fantastic. Only let in 1 goal in the whole tournament. The only dissapointment was not scoring against Bradford in the final, them holding us to a 0-0 draw. An intense penalty shoot out gave us a 4-3 victory after a fantastic final save by Hussain. 

Well done to Bradford for making the final, Mustafa Vohra for getting player of the tournament and Hussain for getting the golden glove.

Lets win it again next year lads!